Monday, August 19, 2013

Thirty Minute Monster

My son doesn't believe in counting sheep.

Gregory, "Mommy, I don't know how to count.  What are sheep?"

My son will sleep through the night (most of the time) thankfully.  But naps?  I'm lucky to get in 30 minutes for a nap time before he wakes up!  You can't get a lot done in 30 minutes, believe me.

But I have found a way to sooth my son into sleep.  If I can catch him before he fights sleep too much, I gently, with the softest touch, will use my middle finger and thumb to touch his fingers and toes.  The reason I started doing this was because Gregory started to clinch his fists in his sleep and that bothered me.  So, I used my hands to slowly open his hands and soothed him with the touch.  Now, he will actually hold out his hand for me to touch with the hand open!  I have to say that makes my day.  The next pictures aren't the best, as the room was dark.

But still.... it's only 30 minutes.... the ONLY way I can get Gregory to sleep longer is if he is sleeping next to me or on me.  And sometimes that happens, because I think of it as special time too.

But even when he sleeps next to me, he will jolt awake after 30 minutes.  If I put my hand lightly on his chest, he will open his eyes for a brief moment, look at me and go back to sleep, as if thinking, "This is OK, Mommy is here."


Cheryl said...

Precious pictures. Babies sleeping are the best. Maybe his naps will increase in length when he starts toddling around.

Leah Campbell said...

Cheeks had this problem for months, and it just recently stopped - she takes at least one hour and a half nap a day now (the other is usually still 40 minutes or so). But she sleeps 13 hours at night now too - which is bliss!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Mother's instinct =)
I'm not just saying this because I like you- Gregory is one extremely CUTE little man! I just want to smooch him!!!