Friday, August 16, 2013

Not All Smiles

My blog might be misrepresentative of our child.  I post a lot of happy smiles and it's true, in the morning, Gregory is all smiles and joy!  It helps me, considering I'm soooo not a morning person.  Gregory makes me smile :)

But my blog pictures aren't everything... and my husband, if you spoke with him, might make you think we had the perfect baby.  It's easy to focus on the smiles, because we love our little boy.  But the fact is, he cries.  A lot... in the evening... when energy levels are low.  And I want a nap as much as the baby does, but he fights it.

We try to wear out Gregory in the walker (yes, he can use it on his tippy toes)... and we do tummy time, which he can't stand.  He can roll to his side and then to his stomach, but his arm gets  caught under him.

Gregory did eventually get that arm out from under him, but as you can see.. oh boy, he wasn't happy about it!

He was a grump.  My husband asked me, "What does he want?"  I said, "I don't know."  Baby was fed, changed, entertained... but now, he needed sleep.  My best option, strap him in and lets go for a walk.

That seemed to work :)


Cheryl said...

Seems that the only thing that was making him grumpy was the fact he was tired. Poor baby. He looks adorable even when he is grumpy.

Aleta said...

I sometimes have to remind myself not to laugh when he is crying, because I think he's cute even when he does that, but I don't want to give him the wrong impression. Lol.

Natalie said...

I don't know what it is but babies just love to fight sleep even though they want it so much!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

He sure is cute when he cries though! lol This too shall pass. It's never all sunshine and giggles!

speculationsimpressed said...

That grumpy photo is great. I can just hear him saying, "Mom, why do you make me do that, and in front of everyone? It's not fair!"

He's reaching that age that I absolutely love. It's that age when they start really being entertaining.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I've always called the evening The Witching Hour... they get less rested as the day goes on, even with naps and they just get cranky! Mine were the same way and so is my niece!