Thursday, August 22, 2013

Grocery Shopping

My husband removed the infant carseat from the car and put in the big boy seat.  Weight wise, our son can go in it now.  Greg is tickled to use it because it was a gift from his parents from the baby shower.  The only negative is that when I take Gregory out of the car, hmmmm, where does he go when we go shopping?  He used to stay in the infant carseat and I would put that in the shopping cart.

My parents gave me the shopping cart cover and I'm putting it to use.  But Mommy is a little Slllooooowwwwwww....  Ok, so I hope nobody videos me when I go to the grocery store, because I'm there in the parking lot, talking to the baby and asking him to have some patience while I put the cover on and strap him in.  The hardest part is getting the baby's legs through.  Otherwise, it's pretty neat and holds him well.

The cart cover has also come in handy when we went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast.... Gregory is too small to fit into the high chair, but if we put the cart cover in the chair, then he fits nice and snug!


Amanda said...

I'm adding one of these to our baby registry!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I never had cart covers with my kids; they became popular, it seemed, right around the time my youngest was too old for them...but OMGosh I love them, they are a wonderful invention!

Cheryl said...

I thought I was passed all of the baby accessories until our little Grandboys came into the world. Now I sport two car seats in my car so I can pick them up from pre-school. We are getting ready to graduate to a booster seat which is easier than a full fledge car seat.

I used a cart liner as well and LOVE them. Nothing is nastier that a shopping cart.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Super Cute. I had one, but it wasn't like that! When I had my kids, they grew out of the infant seat fairly quickly. I kept it in the trunk until they could sit up and would put the baby in it so I could use it in the cart. Especially with my daughter because my son needed to be in the seat in the cart!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh he's such a cutie!! How precious. :) And I'm sure it feels like he's been with you forever, but I'm so sorry I missed saying this earlier, congratulations mama!!!