Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bragging Rights

One of the ladies in my birth group - a group of ladies who gave birth to their children around the same time as Gregory was born and... a group of ladies in my age range (late 30's, early 40's) - totally awesome group of ladies.. one lady posted a message asking mommies to share their "bragging rights" - special times with their babies.

I thought about it... my special time is when Gregory is calm to take a nap.  It's the moment right before, when I know he has the choice to get super cranky or he can choose to relax.  I'm trying to let him nap during the day in his crib, but sometimes he wants to be by me, to know I'm there.  That's the moment I'm talking about.

When Gregory is on my bed under the activity gym... he looks at me, slowly closes his eyes... opens them again.  Sees me, smiles and slowly closes his eyes again.  It's that peaceful moment; the knowledge that my presence means something to him, where he can relax and feel confident that Mommy is there for him, so it's ok to sleep.

This same thing has happened a few other times in various ways.  When Gregory went to his 6 month appointment.  Gregory smiled for Dr. Heller until the doctor put a cold stethoscope on Gregory's chest and then our son let Dr. Heller know just how good his lungs were.... and wouldn't stop crying, eh screaming.  Dr. Heller picked up Gregory, even saying, "It's ok, see your parents are right there."  Then Dr. Heller handed Gregory to Daddy... but our son still cried, just a little less.  By the time I held Gregory, he calmed almost instantly.

Daddy told me just yesterday, "Gregory doesn't sleep on me.  He wants you."  On my last post, a fellow blogger put in comments that some people are stimulators.  My husband is one.  When Gregory sees Daddy - Gregory is all smiles, feet kicking, arms swinging!  Maybe I'm boring and I put my baby to sleep.  Lol.  I think it's a good combination :)

I have to laugh at the below picture... my son was on my bed with me, under the activity gym.  He was ready for his nap.  He grabbed both feet in both hands.  And fell asleep!  For 10 minutes... then he let one foot go, but held on to the other, all while in his sleep for another 10 minutes.  Had me laughing..


Mari said...

What an adorable picture! We had the same thing in our house - Daddy was for fun, and I was for calming and relaxing.

Cheryl said...

That is the most awesome picture. Such a one-of-a-kind pose. You have a ton of things to brag about. Cute baby boy, loving husband, supportive family and friends. Yep, I think you aren't bragging as much as you are just telling it like it is.