Monday, July 1, 2013

Thankful for Friends

It's hot these days to go outside and work on the garden, but it's necessary to water the gardens.  It takes time now that I have so many gardens going around the house, but the fun part is seeing everything grow and bloom AND you get to say hello to neighbors and friends.

Stephanie and her daughter were walking in the neighborhood and stopped in to say Hi.  We talked for a little while.  Stephanie took a number of cake decorating classes and I really want to learn more about this.   I started a cake decorating class, but the teacher had to have surgery and never rescheduled her class.  

Stephanie offered to teach me :)  I'm eager to learn!

I meet Stephanie through my friend, Kim.  I've known Kim since forever (hehe, not going there with that many years!)....

Kim is a good friend and she's my garden Guru.  She's responsible for all the gardens going around my house.  She inspired and believed in me to turn the weed monster into something very lovely and a haven for butterflies.

Kim came by not long ago and I took this picture of her with Gregory.

Kim also helped me to figure out how to put the stroller at an incline.  Gregory likes to sit up now like a big boy :)


Cheryl said...

Friends are the greatest, aren't they? Those are generous friends that take the time to teach skills they possess.

Little Gregory is looking adorable in his stroller.

S.I.F. said...

There is nothing like good friends!

Cyndy Bush said...

Good true friends are so valuable and important! Glad you have some.