Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knuckle Sucker

So, I thought about going private... because sometimes time is just not available to blog.  I'm going to try to pre-post some blog posts, because there are things to share and maybe this will help to do time management - to be able to share and also free up some time.  I'll give that a go first and so how it works out.  Thanks for putting up with me :)

My son loves to suck on his fingers... and at times he will try to grab my fingers and suck on my knuckles.

Which to be honest, is a little bit strange.  It feels weird.  He uses his gums in a strong grip.  Ok, this will sound funny, but it reminded me of something.

Have you ever fed a sting ray?  At the New Orleans Aquarium there's an area where you can feed sting rays - you put a small fish between your fingers and lower your hand down into the water.  The sting ray covers your hand and you FEEL the mouth sucking the fish from your hands with a powerful grip.

That's what a baby suckling on my knuckles reminds me of... I know... weird, but it's true :)


Cheryl said...

I totally appreciate that you have to find your rhythm on blogging. I am struggling with that as well.

As for the sucking. My kids would do that at well. Anything that got near their mouths became something that needed a suck. They grew up normal and as adults don't need pacifiers or anything.

Mari said...

My kids used to do that sucking thing too. It does feel weird.
I'm glad you aren't going private for now - hope this new thing works out!

S.I.F. said...

Ha! You're totally right! Cheeks does that too, and it totally feels like a stingray!

Cyndy Bush said...

I have never fed a stingray, I love your description!
Don't feel pressure to blog - just do it when you have time. That's my advice, for what it's worth. =)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I was so bummed when I saw you thought about going private. Give yourself a little grace, you are still a new mama. You come up in my feed, so I come read when I see a new post and just assume you have your hands full when you don't!

I fed a stingray at Sea World years ago!

Amanda said...

Glad to still be able to see your posts and those adorable baby photos!!!!

I have often thought about staying off the blog but it's a good place to document my pregnancy, though I have been keeping a hand written journal as well.

Jessica Anne said...

Time management is HUGE. Sometimes I think its good though, to have some "me" time which includes blogging, reading blogs, etc. while the baby(ies) are sleeping. I'm still trying to find that balance at my house.. and all I can say is thank goodness all of them sleep at the same time during the girls' nap. I should be cleaning, but I'm taking a 10 minute break to catch up on my bloggie friends. :)

Vera said...

This is cool!