Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eyes Update

WARNING:  At end of post - picture post-op.  UGH.

I had a few post “posted in advance” as I knew the eye surgery was coming quickly.  An update:  the doctor said all went well, even though I look like an 18-wheeler truck ran over me…. And I feel like it too.  I have to use an ointment in both eyes to stop any infection from happening, but that ointment makes my vision blurry, as if trying to see through wax paper.  (I haven’t put it in yet this morning, as I wanted to quickly write this post first.)

I was also warned not to pick up anything heavier than 10 pounds, because the pressure could make my eyes bleed.  Which means no picking up the baby and that just about makes me want to cry!

Cute Picture Next:

Fortunately, my parents are in town and Greg’s family has helped as well.  My Mom said today, “I had two children and no help, because our families didn’t live close by.  People often don’t understand the constant workload that a parent has.  I’m glad we are here to help you.  It’s hard work, much less without having surgery.  Raising children got to me one day when you and your brother were little that I told your Dad, “One day you’re going to come home and there will be nothing but blood.  We will all be dead.”  That’s when your Dad got me involved in ceramics.  I needed time for myself and something to focus on away from children.  Ceramics was good for me.  And I was in my twenties, much younger than you.  I had more energy and yet with all that energy, child raising got to me.  I still needed something to give me a break.  When your grandmother, MawMaw, made mention of you having a child at your age, my response was to tell MawMaw, “Remember, at Aleta’s age, you were having GRANDchildren.”  That put things into perspective for MawMaw, because there’s a huge difference; grandchild can go home.  Children are work.  Your little boy is just the sweetest baby, but he is still work.”

I learn more and more about my parents when they were younger, as I learn to parent.  It’s a window gift into the past that I can relate to the here and now.  My parents have been incredibly helpful during this time with taking care of Gregory as I try to recover.  Greg and I take the baby while Greg isn’t working, but when Greg works long hours, it’s difficult for him.

My husband was very thoughtful during this time too.  I was told by the doctor, “No showers.  You can take a bath, but don’t wash your hair as we don’t want any water getting into your eyes.”  My husband knew this would drive me crazy, because I can’t stand having oily hair!  I was thinking about going to a salon for a shampoo, but I’m very self-conscious about how hideous my eyes look right now.  Greg came up with a very workable solution – he put an exercise mat on the kitchen counter, a towel rolled up to rest my neck and then he shampooed my hair over the sink, making sure to keep the water away from my eyes.  What a relief and so very sweet. 

Ok, time for the ointment and blurred vision.

WARNING:  Post Op Eye picture....  *sad*


Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

Aw, your eyes don't look that bad. You just look like Gregory kept you up!

Your mom is right. Parenting is sometimes very difficult to do alone and a good hobby can be a lifesaver. I just have to stop creating new hobbies!

Cheryl said...

I don't think you look bad at all. Hopefully, your recovery will go quickly. I am glad you have some family helping you.