Monday, July 29, 2013

Couple of Funny Pictures to Share

What our baby would look like with a mustache.

Gregory either loves or hates his swing - totally depends upon if he is too cranky already, but sometimes I catch him at the right moment and he'll fall asleep in his swing.... but then he gets what we call the "broken neck baby" syndrome.

Friends and Family say that I spoil my son.  But he likes to be held up high and loves to look around.

When I put Gregory to sleep for the night in his crib, I always face his head to the left and feet to the right.  One morning, my husband woke me up and said, "Did you put the baby in the same position as normal when you put him in his crib last night?"  I said "Yes" and Greg told me, "Come see this!"

Facing the opposite way and smiling up a storm!  But the little bugger refuses to roll in front of me - he will get to his side or roll on a bed if someone is IN the bed, but never just roll in front of me in his crib!

The last two pictures, I call it "Crazy Happy" - it's in his eyes.


Amanda said...

He's so cute!!!!

Leah Campbell said...

Oh that picture of him in his crib is priceless! LOVE!

Leah Campbell said...

Oh that picture of him in his crib is priceless! LOVE!

Cheryl said...

Darling pictures. Our kids and grandkids all loved the swing. I have seen the broken neck baby pose a lot of times.

I don't consider that you are spoiling little Gregory. You are being a loving mommy.

Mrs. Pancakes said... cute...the sleeping one is my fav!!

The Forscheins said...

I love all his beautiful expressions!! You're not spoiling him, you're providing him with the opportunity to see the world from a different angle. You broaden his horizons and yes, you're holding him. Soon though he'll be so busy running that he won't want to be held except for when he's tired. Enjoy it now and enjoy it all!!! You're a GREAT mommy!!!!!