Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another thankful for Friends Post

Kim and Sue came by to help Greg and I trim the crepe myrtle trees a couple of weekends ago.  As a "thank you" we went to the Olive Garden for lunch this past weekend.  (Greg stayed home with Gregory to get some Daddy time in.)  Kim called the meal "Apricot Chicken" - all three of us ordered it and YUMMM delicious and only 400 calories!

Afterward the meal Aunt Kim and Aunt Sue visited with Gregory.

Gregory was smiling up a storm while Aunt Kim talked to him.  Too cute!

Aunt Kim also bought over some goodies - an exersaucer for Gregory to use, cloths and an outside swing.  Kim has a nephew a few months older than Gregory, so as her nephew outgrows things, we get to borrow, which is Very Helpful!

When new things come in, both Tigger and Penny have to investigate.

I can't wait until Greg puts up the swing!  I used to love to swing as a child.

Thank ya'll so much for your help and for the baby stuff!  Oh and I have to share a funny that happened at lunch time.

The three of us were talking about books and of course "50 Shades" was brought up.  Kim mentioned how it was eye opening.  And I agreed, it uhhh, brings you into a world that you normally wouldn't be in.  Kim remarked that she was "Very Vanilla." I had to giggle.  Sue commented, "Oh Please!  It's true!  If Kim was to get any slapping in, it would be to slap her husband over something."  We all busted out laughing.

It felt really good to go out to lunch with them and talk about relationships, life, books, trends.  I hope we have more times in the future to do so again.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Nothing like a lunch out with girlfriends to make you feel "normal" again!

I haven't read 50 shades yet. In part because no one has offered me a copy and in part because I'm afraid! :-)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

it's great when you can be a woman and just spend quality time with your friends...catching up. ooh the swing looks so much fun!

Cheryl said...

You have the best friends.

We bought one of those exersaucers when our grandboys were little and they loved it.

As for the book "50 Shades of Grey" or is it Gray?...anyhow...I must be the last person on the planet that hasn't read it. And sadly...I have a stack of books I would rather get read over that one. I am so NOT into current reading tastes.

S.I.F. said...

Oh I am so jealous of the swing! We don't have a yard, but I want a swing for Cheeks so bad!