Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letter to my Son - about your Mommy

Dear Son,

One of my fellow bloggy friends is doing a month of "Getting to Know Your  Mommy" - each post for this month she is writing to her newborn son, telling him something or answering a question for her son to read in the future about her.  I figure my blog is my getting to know me... but I thought I'd write a little something.

I'm getting to know "mommy" too.  It's a new role.  I started working at the age of 12 years old until my 40's without a lapse of work between different jobs... the last job I had I was there for over 20 years; I managed 3 companies at once.  It was stressful to say the least, but I was good at it.  I knew what I was doing and could handle it with my eyes closed.

From that type of knowledge and confidence and security, I became unemployed.  And then, employed again, but not by a company but by God.  "Mommy" - it's a new role.  One I didn't ever think I'd be in, given our fertility issues... and to be honest, I wasn't one of those little girls who said, "I want to grow up and be a Mommy."  (That said, Mommy was over the moon happy to find out she was pregnant with you!)  But this new role...  it's starting to take root for me :)

I'm getting to know Mommy just as you are.  She's a little nervous; she's protective.  She doesn't like to hear you cry but sometimes when you do cry, she laughs, which sounds means, but your cry is really kind of cute.  Maybe it's because you don't cry that often.

Mommy loves seeing her parents, your grandparents, hugging you.  It gives Mommy a glimpse into her own childhood and that's a beautiful thing!  She realizes that her Dad, Opa to you, is a "Baby Whisperer."  She says this because you were crying really hard and we couldn't console you.  Opa didn't pick you up.  He didn't hold you.  He just leaned in close and started talking really soft to you and you were so content, you went to sleep!  Baby Whisperer, I tell you...

Mommy worries about your progress and tries to teach you things, even though you probably think she's nuts :)  She's going to hug you and hold you and soak in all those smiles.  Because even if Mommys aren't appreciated by the mighty dollar, those smiles of yours are payment enough.

Mommy also loves when your Daddy comes home.  We sing, "Daddy's Home!  Daddy's Home!" And if you are awake, we greet Daddy at the door.  Mommy loves how you immediately give Daddy a big smile - so happy to see him.  No matter what type of day Daddy has had, when he sees that smile, he has to smile too :)  That makes Mommy happy.

You are a blessing and I'm learning right along with you, sweet boy.. Thank you for the continued lessons in life.  We will grow together.

Love Always,


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

A beautiful tribute to yourself!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely post, Aleta. That is a huge transition for you to have such an responsibility-laden job in the working world and moving into mommy-hood. You are lucky to be in the position of staying home for now. I treasure the time that I spent at home before going back into the workforce. Gregory is so blessed to have the family he has.

Unceasing, Uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

OH THE PICTURES! the wonderful amazing pictures!!