Friday, June 14, 2013

Early Gift for Dad and New Experience for Baby

Father’s Day is a couple of days away, but one evening this week my husband received an early Father’s Day gift.  My parents have a swimming pool, but Greg couldn’t find his swimsuit.  When Greg mentioned his interest in swimming, my parents gave Greg his gift, a few days early – two pair of swimsuits. 

Both of us were eager to get into the pool, not just because of the 90 plus degree heat and humidity, but because it would be a new first experience to share with our son!  Gregory likes his nighttime baths, but that’s always with warm water.

Though the days have been very hot, the pool water was still a little cool.  Greg thought the pool water was perfect, but I found it slightly chilly and was worried that our son would start crying, scream or worse, catch a cold.

At the deep end of the pool, I can’t stand.  Greg can stand in the deep end, but instead opted for the seat that is in the deep end for my parents to lower our son into the pool with us there.  Greg held our baby while I poured a little water on him at a time for him to get used to the feeling.

Then we put Gregory in the floating device for babies under 25 pounds.  It held our son well and we drifted around the pool.  Our son didn’t cry or scream, but he only smiled once.  He was wide-awake and I think he was analyzing the situation.  Not quite sure if he liked it but he wasn’t ruling it out either. 

I hope he likes to swim.  My husband doesn’t care to swim, he likes to be in the water to relax.  Me, I love to swim.  


Cheryl said...

Little Gregory in his swim tube...OMG that is cute.

I hope he enjoys the water as well. I used to teach swimming lessons for kids and it is really important that kids know how to swim. One never knows when knowing how to swim can save their life or someone elses,

The Forscheins said...

what a fun experience!

Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

I usually enjoy swimming; but I'm afraid to get water in my ears now, as it sets off vertigo. I'm thinking of getting some drops for swimmer's ear.

Cyndy Bush said...

I like both! There is nothing that relaxes me more than floating in a pool.
Looks like fun for all! =)