Friday, May 31, 2013

Letter to my Son in the Gardens

Dear Son,

Your Mommy and Daddy are still learning, right along with you.  I like taking pictures of you and nature, flowers, etc.  We decided to go to the Botanical Gardens in New Orleans City Park.  It’s a beautiful place to go, lots of paths, greenery and flowers in bloom.

We took plenty of pictures, but our lessons from this trip are:

Don’t forget the stroller at the house!  You weigh 16 pounds and the car seat is at least another 5 pounds.  The stroller would have made things easier.

Don’t say, “I’ll feed him after we walk around.”  Because the diaper bag was too much to carry when you don’t have the stroller.  So that gets left in the vehicle.  And you, my sweet son, let us know that you were very hungry!  I’ve wanted to get some pictures of you crying…. This was the trip for that.

Even though it was 10 am, it’s too hot in New Orleans.  We missed the “spring” days small window and it’s gone straight to summer.  We were dripping with sweat… all of us… not a good time to take pictures. 

The gardens are very lovely and I’d definitely want to go back there again with you and Daddy…  maybe for the fall, just as the weather gets a little cooler and before the flowers die out.   And only after you've had a full bottle.  Lo.

We also went to the Sculpture garden.  This next picture’s caption should read, “There isn’t a large enough safety pin for my dirty diaper!”

It felt good to get back to an air conditioned car and feed you.  You drained the bottle and went to sleep.... all that crying during the garden walk was a workout for you and you needed sleep.

There’s also the Storyland area and a cute little put-put area, for when you get older.  I’m looking forward to your reactions at the zoo, aquarium and children’s museum.

Your Daddy decided to surprise us with lunch at Shogun.  I wonder if you will have an allergic reaction to seafood, like your Daddy… or will you be allergic to grass like your Mommy?  Will you enjoy Sushi or shy away from it?

Maybe we'll get a cool day again (wishful thinking, I know) and if we do, hopefully it will be when time permits for another day at the city gardens.  When we were walking the paths, your Daddy said, "This brings back memories. I remember running through here and playing."  I want you to have good memories of our parks and gardens from your childhood.

Love Always,

P.S.  Your Daddy insisted that I include this next picture, because he likes it a lot :)


Mari said...

I remember learning similar lessons with my kids!
It looks like a great place to visit and I like the last picture too.

Cheryl said...

Little Gregory is adorable even when he is crying. Gosh he looks like he is growing at least compared to his newborn pics.

Your photos are wonderful. It looks like a beautiful park.

BTW...I totally agree with Greg. The last picture is awesome.

Cyndy Newsome said...

I agree with Dad also, LOVE the butterfly picture.
That place looks beautiful and sounds wonderful!
Gregory gets cuter every day.

The Forscheins said...

Great pictures! Introduce Gregory to all different foods you and Greg enjoy (in due time of course) and he'll enjoy a variety of foods too. It's that simple. It takes 10-15 times of tasting before you can really say a child doesn't like something and even then, their tastes change about as frequently as their diapers do. :)
We're lucky all four of us LOVE sushi. Going to the sushi buffet is expensive but our favorite birthday restaurant to go to.

Lilly said...

Oh my, hasn't gorgeous Gregory grown. What a beautiful gardens it is. Perfect for a family day out. You all look happy and healthy. That last picture is adorable.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

OMGracious! He's huge!!!

Yes, definitely never leave home without the stroller or some kind of baby wrap!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww that looks like the best day ever!! He looks so tired in the last few pictures!! He is pooped!!