Sunday, May 19, 2013

Birthday Party

My cousin invited us to celebrate her son's (Isaac) second birthday at her home.  It was the first time going to her beautiful house.  First we stopped by for lunch with my grandmother.

I love all the decorations my cousin, Michelle, did for the party.  She made her own cake.

She also made a train (theme for the party) out of Pampers boxes.  The light on the front actually works.  The kids got into the center of the Pampers boxes, picked them up and "walked" the train.

Michelle had a little train set on the table where Isaac ate his cake and the train spelled out his name.  I loved that she made all the decorations.  And I love this next picture of Isaac reaching out for the cake.  In the picture, you can see Michelle's reaction to him reaching for the cake - priceless!

Another picture of the cute birthday boy :)

My husband said, "This was Gregory's first child's birthday party that he has attended."  He was passed around from family member to family member :)

There were a bunch of children Isaac's age at the party.  My husband looked around, saying, "I see children differently now.  I think of how our son will be and what he might do when he gets older."  

Our little boy on the way back home...


Cheryl said...

The train theme is so cute and creative. Looks like little Gregory didn't mind being held by others. (one of mine was particularly fussy about who held her)

I guess your little guy didn't want to leave the party, huh?

Mari said...

What a great party! I think everyone was happy that Gregory could attend.

Cyndy Newsome said...

Being adorable is exhausting!
That party was SO cute.

Celine said...

So cute ..Yawn...!...heheeh

Life Happens said...

What a fun party! I can't believe your cousin was so creative and talented! Looked like Gregory was loved by so many people, it wiped him out!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Yup, everything looks different once you are viewing it as a parent.

Lilly said...

You have a clever cousin. Very cute cake and decorations. You will be as creative with Gregory's parties too I bet. Gregory has lots of people to love him. Wonderful family on both sides. Lucky boy.