Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Picture Share

Greg took this picture of Tigger and did the captions:

When I told Greg that Penny's first time howling was when an ambulance drove by, Greg found an ambulance sound on the Internet in the hopes of getting Penny to howl again.  She did :)

To see the video on YouTube, Click here

What can you do when in a traffic jam.. take pictures :)

And last but not least... what do you say to your husband when he tries on his new work outfit - it's for the rain.... and it's made of fire resistance material.... and you can see him from out of space!


Cheryl said...

Baby O'Brien is the same size now as my firstborn when she was born. This is just so exciting out here waiting for you new one to make an appearance.

Love the cat picture. How accurate. That is what my 2 cats do minus the dog chasing ...only because I presently don't have a dog.

Funny howling video.

SkyMommy said...

That howling is so hilariously cute! Love it.