Wednesday, December 5, 2012

St Michaels Vacation Oct 2012

St Michael Maryland Oct 2012

I’m definitely delinquent in sharing our St Michael’s vacation.  Can I blame it on the baby, you know, time flying and such? 

My Dad planned this trip, but it was completely unlike any other trip he has planned.  Because other than the rental car and the house, no other plans were made!  It was a total relaxation vacation, something I know my husband greatly appreciated.  We constantly tease my Dad about his clockwork planning, but he does allow us to get a bunch of wonderful experiences in with each vacation.  This time?  Dad proved he could handle some good old R&R too.

What was truly wonderful (in my eyes) was the Fall Colors.  We just don’t get that in New Orleans – we have evergreens, an overload of green foliage throughout the winter.  To see fall colors in the fall was picture perfect…

St. Michael’s is a quaint, charming town.  The rental house was large enough with a room for each couple (my parents, us, my brother and his wife) and an extra room.  My Mom suggested that I invite my cousin, Holly, to join us.  My cousin lives in Maryland, about an hour or so away.  I was thrilled that Mom made this suggestion and Holly quickly agreed.  What an extra treat!  Mom has often called Holly her “3rd child” as my cousin would spend the entire summers with us and sometimes even visit during the school year.  Even though Holly and I live miles apart, we keep in constant communication with one another and the days and miles melt away when we visit.  (Picture below, Left to Right - Holly, Me)

The house was great – located off of the water.  We had a pier in the backyard.   When we first drove up to the house, we noticed the “for sale” sign.  Interesting that the owners will rent out the house while in the process of selling; it makes sense in this day and age of homes for sale.  Greg found the property listed – going for over a million dollars!

Front of the house:

Pier in the backyard:

To see the above video on YouTube, Click Here.

The first night, my parents treated us to a meal at one of the local restaurants.  Rob and Roda ate a bunch of crabs at a cost of 32 each plate.

Sunrise the next morning.

To see the above video on YouTube, Click Here.

The next morning, Greg was determined to show my family how to crab.  My darling husband cannot eat seafood, because of his allergies, but interestingly enough, he can touch the live ones.  Instead of using boxes, Greg showed my brother and my Dad how to use a line with bait on it and drag the crabs up, then catch them.  Before long, my brother and his wife were running up and down the pier catching crabs left and right.  Imagine that – bigger crabs than the night before and free!  The video below is the first catch of the morning.  My brother was messing with the crab to make him move.  I think they are pretty with the blue claws :)

To see the video via YouTube, Click Here.

While they crabbed, we (me, Mom and Holly) shopped.  After Greg showed the ropes on crabbing, he took us to the main strip to shop.  For us gals, it felt like the old days, when the three of us would go into the shops and have fun.  Holly remarked about those being great summer memories.   There was a lot of laughter and it just warmed my heart.  (below picture is Mom and Holly battling it out for the last sweet potato fry :)

Though my husband took us shopping, he didn’t stay in the stores with us.  He walked up and down, in and out of shops until he called me on his cell and asked me to meet him across the street.  My Mom and Holly followed.  Holly later told Greg, “Most of the time, husbands are trying to drag their wives out of the jewelry stores.  You get extra brownie points for asking Aleta to go into one!”

Greg asked me what I liked at the store…. There were so many items, but the first thing I always ask for … “Opals.”  The good quality ones aren’t so easy to find… but this antique shop not only had a beautiful opal… it had a heart shaped opal with diamonds going around it.

I loved it.  But no way did I think we’d come home with it…. Wow…. Greg said, “Happy Birthday.”  Oh my gosh… 

When we came home, the saleslady sent us a card, which I thought was sweet.

The night before we left Maryland, we went to Holly’s home to visit with her kids, have supper and take pictures at a park close to her home.  Deanna and Burkley cooked a yummy meal and cute cupcakes (blue icing for our baby boy and 4 leaf clover for the Irish in our blood).  (Left to Right:  Greg, Michael, Holly, Deanna, Burkley)

Pictures below were taken at the park near Holly's home:

I like the below picture, because I'm taking of a picture of Holly taking a picture and her son, Michael, holding his camera too. Think it runs in the blood?

Holly berries are typically bright red, but the below ones we found at the park were bright purple.  Couldn't resist a picture.

All in all, it was relaxing and lovely.  I’m so glad to have been surrounded by family and those who were eager and excited to know more about our pregnancy.  Thank you, Mom and Dad. 

I'm ending this post with my favorite picture.  Holly took this picture of us.  She's a fantastic photographer and I highly recommend her to anyone in the area.  I loved the picture so much that we put this on some of our Christmas cards.  I received so many compliments about the picture, I wrote to Holly and thanked her again.  She wrote back saying the magic was in the love between us and people see that.... but she caught that moment, that look, that perfect timing....  :)  It's my favorite picture :)

To see more pictures from the vacation, click here to go tomy Picasa site.


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Such pretty love the last pic!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Maryland is where I meet my ex halfway when we have to exchange the children. :-)

Glynis Jolly said...

It looks like you have a fantastic time there. I love docks for some unknown reason. The one in your photos looks as if it would be big enough to have a small party on it.

Once baby Gregory is here, you won't have time for these vacations for a while. I am glad you have taken the opportunity to go when it presented itself.

Aleta said...

Hi Glynis, That's what I was just saying to Greg, that it will be a while after the baby is born before vacations are taken. I feel as though we have been blessed with a lot of wonderful memories together going places and now, will be blessed with a lot of quality time with our growing family :)

RGB said...

Thanks for the wonderful visual tour. And sounds like you had a great vacation with family. Love the picture of you & Greg. Absolutely romantic...God bless!

carma said...

What a lovely trip! Beautiful scenery and you and Greg could not look happier :)

Natalie said...

Wow oh wow what wonderful photos!

Lilly said...

That is such a beautiful picture of you and Greg, really wonderful. Holly is a great photographer and she captured such a lovely moment between you. I love reading about your family vacations. Beautiful pictures and it looks a gorgeous place and just right type of spot to chill out and relax. Oh and Greg's birthday present to you. Wow! We have a lot of opals here Aleta just remember that for a future holiday. You, like Holly are a talented photographer too. And I say this every time you post a video but it is great to hear your voice too. Soon enough there will be another little family member occupying the spare room.