Monday, December 24, 2012

People Watching and Mall Shopping

For Christmas Eve Day, Greg and I decided to brave the malls, knowing we already had our gifts bought and some of them already delivered.  We were fortunate to find a close parking place in the mall garage, though the lady behind us was obviously lacking Good Cheer as she swung her arms and yelled with impatience....

One restaurant we enjoy going to, but don't frequent, is P.F. Chang's.  Again, fortunately, even though it was noon, there wasn't a wait at all at P.F. Chang's.  It was nice and quiet and a delightful meal.  Greg and I took the calm moment to do a bit of people watching.

Across from us, a couple was sitting at a table.  Based on the woman's unnatural tone to her laughter and the space between them, I asked Greg, "Do you think they are married or dating?"  Greg replied, "Most likely a second or third date.  They aren't comfortable with one another, but they are interested, based on their body language turning towards each other."  It was fun to talk with Greg about his observations :)

Afterwards, we walked around the mall.  Salespeople asked us, "Who are you shopping for?"  We replied, "Nobody.  We're just here to be a part of the madness."  It was fun to see the mall festively decorated and people in the hustle and bustle.

We found an adorable outfit for our son.  This is for the LSU football fans:

We walked the mall, into Sonoma Williams, and found out that they only had two "traditional" rolling pins.  We bought one, will explain at the end of this post.  Then we went to JC Penny's and bought Greg a needed wallet, belt and some clothes.

To end our mall tour, we stopped for Coffee and Beignets.

I really enjoyed the decorations in the mall.  Santa, of course, was there for pictures, but I didn't take any of him.

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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

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