Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Cookies

When Cammie and Collin came to visit, I asked Cammie if she felt like making cookies.  She was all for it and a real trooper with learning how to use the cookie press (it just came in the mail the same day as they visited).

Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Someone is going to have a sugar rush!

Greg thought we were taking too long making the cookies, look at his expression.  Lol

So, here's the funny thing....  Greg mentioned that we were going to make sugar cookies.  When Cammie tried the first batch of cookies, she said, "Those are awful!"  Greg tried them and liked them and so did I.... the thing is.... Greg loves a particular type of cookies and that was the recipe we tried.... and it wasn't sugar cookies..  Cammie had in her mind, sugar cookies and instead was eating shortbread cookies.  Hehe.... She now knows that she doesn't like shortbread cookies!

Below is a picture of how the cookies came out - to get the recipe, click here.


Cheryl said...

I love pressed cookies. I can see that they might not appeal to kids as these aren't what they are used to.

The cookies look great. I didn't get out my cookie press this year as if I make them....I eat them.

Candice said...

Love shortbread cookies. Can you send me some ;) They look deeee-lish!

Lilly said...

I have one of these cookie makers - you have reminded me to get it out of the cupboard and make some. Yours look great.