Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Thanks and More

I'm thankful to have spent a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and with Greg's family.  We're are very blessed with loving relatives.  Here are a few pictures to share:

My grandmother holding my parents' dog.

My cousin and his son

My Dad surrounded by children

My Love

Greg's family (Jarred is hiding from the camera)

Corrie makes me laugh with the thumb's up

Hehe, this next picture makes me smile each time I see it.  They have a great sense of humor!

I'm also thankful that my husband helped me take down all of our Thanksgiving decorations, packed everything neatly away and then we took down all of the Christmas decorations.  We put everything up, well, almost everything.  I want to go back and put a few more things out, but by far and large, we did the bulk of the Christmas decorations and it feels really good to have done so :)

And I'm thankful today, to have received our first Christmas card for the season!  I just love Christmas cards - brightens my day and brings me a smile :)  If any bloggy friends would like to share Christmas cards, let me know :)


Amanda said...

Looks like you had a lovely holiday! I am trying to get my cards out by this weekend!

Lilly said...

Aww great fun photos. I should have looked at this post sooner as we could have shared cards but too late to reach either of us. Next year. I love Christmas too but something tells me that for you and Greg it has taken on a whole new meaning too. I also love the picture of your Dad with the children. Grandfather in waiting lol.