Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for Laughter and Pearls

Yesterday I was thankful my husband has a great sense of humor.  He loves to laugh and he loves for people around him to laugh.  It's a special gift and I treasure it.  Life without laughter would be so sad.

Today I'm grateful that my husband wants to understand and is compassionate about our pregnancy.  Yesterday afternoon I took a nap and when I woke up, baby Gregory was right under my rib cage.  It hurt.  Greg saw me trying to elongate my torso and asked how I was feeling and if there was anything he could do to make me feel better.  My husband suggested that we go outside into the cool night air and then he rubbed my stomach and said, "Gregory, be nice to your Mom."  Awww, I melted and felt so much better.

When I typed just now about my husband understanding the pregnancy, it reminded me of a conversation we had at my parents' home when we went there for lunch.  My Dad cooked steaks and for bread, he made some small rolls.  Greg had a roll on his plate and I had one on my plate.  Greg ate his and half of mine.  Then, when Greg went back for another roll, I said, "Who's pregnant here, you or me?"  He smiled and said, "We BOTH are."  My Mom giggled.  I asked Greg, "Would you like a prenatal vitamin to go with that?"  I think Mom was crying from laughing.  It was a cute moment.  Greg  doesn't eat much as it is, so he knows I was teasing with him and I did like his response.  I like that Greg sees this as us both being actively involved with the pregnancy.  It seems like such a small thing, but it's very important and it means the world to me.

In the title for this blog post, I mentioned pearls.... for my birthday, Greg gave me a gift certificate to a store I like to shop at and I bought pearls for jewelry making.  The combination of pearls and crystals is an elegant one... but after these two necklace, I've depleted my supply of pearls already:


Cheryl said...

I do love that Greg is so lovingly involved in this pregnancy. My husband was as well but I do think 35 years ago, it was much less a group effort.

The necklaces are so pretty!!

Headant said...

Try massaging the area where he's stuck some and see if that helps.

Lilly said...

I love people with a great sense of humor. And Greg is funny and very caring too. Your necklaces are amazing. Just incredible. You are one talented lady Aleta.

Candice said...

Beautiful jewelry...great job!