Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankful for Cousins

I'm very fortunate that my parents raised us to appreciate family.  Even if our relatives were across the United States, my parents would plan trips to visit with family.  It created a strong bond with our cousins at an early age and I'll always be grateful and thankful for this :)

Last night we went to my cousin, Andy's, birthday party.  Shhhhh, he doesn't like being called Andy, that's a childhood nickname.  *ahem*  Andrew....  Nah, I like Andy better :)

In the picture below, Andy is the one on the right.

Last night I found out that another cousin is pregnant!  In the below picture, Jessica is 2 months pregnant.  She is Andy's niece, my second cousin.  Jessica is the one on the left.

When Greg and I first found out we were expecting, I thought, "ohhh, most of my relatives already have older children."  I figured I was asking too much for other children to be close to our baby's age.  Then I found out that my cousin, Kevin, and his girlfriend are expecting and now Jessica.  Makes me so happy!

Below is Andy's birthday cake - oh yummmmyy

Then, this morning, we went to the Ritz Hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans.  My cousin, Shannah, and her boyfriend, Robert, are in town for the Saints game (GEAUX SAINTS)!  We met them at the hotel to share breakfast.  My cousin, Shannah, is to the right:

Shannah and Robert below:

It was great to visit with them :)


Amanda said...

I love my cousins and we are all about 10 years apart in age (I'm younger than all of them) but when we get together it doesn't even matter!!! They are amazing, I think cousins really are your first true friends!

Glynis Jolly said...

As a kid, I loved playing with my cousins. I guess it was because I did not feel the presser to be anything but myself with them. However, as an adult, we all drifted apart. I do not think one of us knows where any of the other ones are.

Lilly said...

I am close to my cousins too. I love the fact your family is close. It reminds me of mine. And it's just great to see that people all over the world have more in common then we think sometimes. You and Greg look great in those pics. As for that cake, oh yum!