Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful and Laughing

Yesterday I was thankful for two things:

My Mom's eye doctor.  He was the one who saved Mom from going completely blind when he did the exploratory surgery on both of her eyes.  That was roughly a year ago.  A month ago, Mom needed me to bring her to her eye doctor appointment and while we were there, asked if her doctor could give me a sample of my eye drops until I went to my doctor's appointment.  He agreed, until Mom mentioned I was pregnant.  Then her doctor was adamant that I not take the drops, because they can cause contractions.  (The eye drops are for my glaucoma.)

Yesterday was a month since I've taken the drops.  My pressures were 18 and 20.  The doctor fully expects the pressures to rise back up to the mid-20s by the time the baby is due, but until that point, he thinks my vision is safe.  I trust this doctor, especially knowing what all he did for my Mom.

Another thing I was thankful for yesterday... was being a part of Greg's company fishing trip.  The guys spent the night at the fishing camp and the wives met up with them the next day (Friday) for the fish fry and other yummy foods.  It's a close group of colleagues that share a great comradery and I enjoyed being a part of it.  I did hear a funny story about how Danny was going to fire Matthew years and years ago before Danny knew him.  They became good friends :)  Funny how things work out.

And today?  I'm grateful that at 2:30am both my husband and I woke up at the same time.  We don't know why.  We don't recall hearing anything.... but at 3:00am, yes I was looking at the clock :)  My husband put his hand on my belly.  I felt the baby move and I asked him if he felt it.  He said, "No."  In a disappointed voice.  I felt a slight move again (right under where his hand was but he didn't say anything)... I  thought to myself, "I guess it's not enough of a movement for him to feel on my skin, but I can sure feel it!"

The next second, THUMP.  Greg quickly removed his hand and said, "I felt that!  It was weird and wonderful at the same time.  Like an alien inside of you!"

I busted out laughing because of his expression, but also and mainly... because it was such a joyful moment to share with Greg.  Whenever I've felt the baby move before, Greg wasn't there.  Special morning that I'm thankful to share with my husband :)

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Lilly said...

I love these posts Aleta. You do have much to be grateful for and it helps the rest of us think positively too about what we also have to be thankful for. That was a great moment for you and Greg and that lively boy of yours. He is making his presence felt in the early hours, lol. And I am sure your sight will be fine and you are in great hands there with that wonderful doctor.