Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Days of Thanks

For Tuesday... I was thankful for the freedom to vote.  And the freedom to not discuss my political views, yet make my vote count.  And from that point, to support whoever wins the office.  Either way, it's a tough job.

For Wednesday... I was thankful I didn't have to fax anything from the house.  Strange thing to be thankful for, right?  But the fax machine was giving my husband headaches.  He did get it working, but then it sort of put the house line off the hook.  So, now we just keep it unplugged until we need to use it.  Thankfully, that's not often :)

For today....  I'm thankful that my husband works for a great company.  He loves his work and cares about what he does and he works with friends that he's known for years.  And even though one of the main branches is in Texas, throughout the year, the company gets together to do different things.  They have an upcoming fishing trip planned for this month.  I'm thankful for the comradery in the group.

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Lilly said...

It is a big deal when you like your work and it is a blessing that Greg likes his job. That fishing trip sounded great, some of the work trips I have been on in the past have been terribly boring. As for faxes, they are handy if you have one at home. I have to do the sae with mine. I leave it unplugged until when I use it.

I never realised it was not compulsory to vote in the USA. It is compulsory here and we get fined if we do not participate. It is great we have the freedom to vote and keep quiet about it too. You are right, it must be tough no matter who is in charge. I hope everything goes well with the relected government.