Friday, November 16, 2012

3 Days of Thankfulness :)

The day before yesterday I was thankful that the NYC delivery company was up and running.  My parents bought the 5 drawer chest of drawers for the baby's room.  It was ordered in October, but because of Hurricane Sandy, Babies R Us couldn't deliver - the delivery company they use is based in NYC.  The company is back up and running, which I'm always happy to hear - a company running again after a hurricane... and the delivery was made!  It looks wonderful.  I'll have to take a picture and add it to this blog post.

Yesterday I was thankful for my OBGyn, Dr. Wild.  She's awesome.  She patiently answers all of my questions and never makes me feel like I'm annoying her.  (I've heard some stories about doctors, so I count myself as very fortunate for Dr. Wild.)

Dr. Wild said everything is right on track with our baby.  Heart rate was 150 and fundal measurement was 24 1/2.  I'm at 24 weeks, so that's where it should be.  Dr. Wild goes to two different hospitals, both of which are very close to my home.  She recommended that we take a tour of both, because she would be willing to go to either.  She talked in detail about both hospitals and I think we're leaning more towards one hospital than the other, but keeping an open mind at this point.  It's recommended that we pre-register at the hospital of choice 90 prior to the due date.  It makes it easier in case there's an emergency if there's pre-registeration.

Today ~ I'm thankful for such a simple thing of nature ~ Satsumas.  I used to have two satsuma trees, but Hurricane Katrina took them both out.  Satsumas are smaller than oranges, less seeds (but they do have them), sweeter than oranges and are easy to peel.  They make great snacks :)  Our friend, Cindy, brought over 6 satsumas and I ate them.  Greg didn't even have a chance to test them.  Then, I kept wanting them.  Hey, the first craving of this pregnancy and it's a fruit.  Nice!  (Not like I'd go crazy without the satsumas, but I did find myself looking for them in the grocery stores.)

When I couldn't find any, I posted on Facebook as to where I could buy them.  Plenty of friends responded with options.  I appreciated that!  But wow - Cindy came back with some more satsumas and my parents picked a lot from a tree in the neighborhood too, so now, I have a wonderful amount of delicious snacks.  See, it's the little things like this that make me smile.

Oh and Greg felt the baby move again this morning.  Too cute.  Made him happy.  My husband asked me, "Do you think that was a kick or a punch or the baby's head?"  I didn't know, but it wasn't a kick or a punch, it felt more like the baby was moving around.  Baby was up high at first this morning and was moving lower when Greg felt the baby, so I think it was a baby roll or flip?  Kicks/Punches have a definite "Umphhh" feeling to them.

I'm also very, very thankful that my husband thinks I'm beautiful being pregnant.  I really need to hear that, because some days... well, pregnancy is wonderful, but a woman worries too.


Amanda said...

I have heard so many OB horror stories from several of my friends, though I'm not planning to start a family till next year I know my OB will be awesome and she goes to a hospital that I love.

I made sure to check that out a few years back when I switched doctors because I knew I didn't want to do that again once I got married.

Can't wait to see more pics of the nursery!

Candice said...

It really is a blessing to have an OB that you trust and feel comfortable with!

Cheryl said...

I am so glad you have both the blessings of a wonderful doctor and the additional blessing of a wonderful supportive husband. Your pregnancy is so special as it was so unexpected, I am glad things are going well.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I remember when the baby would move and I would have no idea but just loved that he would be moving!! So many things to be thankful for!!

Lilly said...

You have a lot of blessings and it is indeed fantastic that you feel so good about your doctor. 24 weeks, wow it is going fast. I am so glad the furniture arrived and the nursery can be completed. It is so exciting.