Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Adventure

This past week has been a long one.  My husband said, "We're taking life four hours at a time."  Gasoline was limited and we ran the generator for four hours and cut it off for four hours, to make sure the freezer kept the food.

Some things we learned..... we need to find out what's wrong with the window unit in the office.  That should have been our saving grace with the heat, but instead it was only blowing luke warm air.

Use paper plates, etc so that you don't have a mountain of dishes to face once electricity comes on.  (We are fortunate to have a gas stove/top and gas barbecue pit, so we had cooked meals.)

Get an electrician to install outside-to-inside power so that we can hook up the generator to the inside without having to leave the door slightly ajar... something the cat took interest in.

We aren't the only things to sweat, the house will too... and that makes for slippery tile floors.  Thankfully my husband made a towel path so we didn't have any falls.

The hurricane brought in damage to our home, but nothing so bad to complain about... two roof leaks.  My brother's house was not so fortunate... the roof ripped off the length of the house, causing the ceiling to fall in on two bedrooms and the main dining room.

We're hoping the insurance company comes out quickly to assess the damages; repairs need to be made quickly.  They have a blue tarp cover on the roof in case of rain in the coming days.

Laplace was also hit badly by the storm,  causing flooding into second story homes and leaving people to be evacuated by boat.

My friend, Kristen, lives in Maurepas and her home became an island.

Our power was out for 4 nights.  The first two were barely manageable, because Isaac brought in wind gusts, which helped the house "breath."  When it was dark at night and quiet, the active wind sounded like beach waves on the shore.  It was oddly soothing.

However, when the winds died down after those two days... and the electrical companies were struggling to get power to the people.... and with heat indexes in the 100's... the house was an oven.

My Dad stayed on his cell phone for hours and found one of the few hotels with power and vacancy, the Crown Plaza in New Orleans.

We went from heat to heaven.

The next morning, my parents confirmed that they had power at home.  Our home still didn't have power, so we spent the night at my parents' house.  We received multiple text messages from friends advising us that power came on at our house during the night!

Today is Sunday and there are still large sections of businesses and neighborhoods that are powerless.  I'm so grateful ours is restored.  Sending prayers for those still without and dealing with damages.


Anonymous said...

Prayers, yes. Glad you are ok and damage minimal. And wooo hooo for the night at the crown plaza :)

Headant said...

Wow, that picture brought back everything from Katrina. My ceiling looked pretty much like that. I lost about 80% of everything I owned (everything was in my bedroom). And not to mention the stress over the dog (which as you know went well past 2005).

Now the kids have experienced two hurricanes (we evacuated for Gustav). I hope there aren't too many more in their futures.

Cheryl said...

I am glad it wasn't worse at your house but I wish you didn't have to deal with the issues at all. I feel bad that you have leaks and such.

Thank goodness you got away for a bit before having to deal with insurance companies and repairmen.

I will be thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

Glynis Jolly said...

I love the ocean but when I find out about hurricanes that do so much damage, I'm grateful that I live in the mountains instead.

Great to hear that everything is relatively okay at your house. Cleaning up and fixing will take some time, I'm sure. Be good to yourselves. My thoughts are with you.

Unceasing, uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

OH I am soo glad to hear that you and your family are doing relativly oK!!!

Candice said...

How scary, Aleta! So glad that you guys are okay. I hope all the insurance company comes through for you quickly. Praying for y'all!