Thursday, July 12, 2012

Window Tint

My parents came over one afternoon and stayed in the office room for a little while, with Dad sitting at my computer desk.  I had complained about headaches...  Later that night, Dad told Mom, "I know why Aleta is getting headaches.  It's the afternoon sun coming through the large window.  I sat at her desk and started having a headache within just a few minutes.  I don't know how she handles it."

Then, my Dad suggested that I tint the window.  Tint?  Dad continued, "Sure.  Call the company that tinted my vehicle windows."   I had my doubts.  What company tints house windows?  Yes, they do and from what I understand, it's growing in popularity with home owners.  Heck, there's even a tax write off for window tinting because it saves on the electricity bill.

I give Dad the credit for the tint idea and my husband the credit for the color.  The tint company came with a variety of different tints.  One tint was just a little bit of a shade darker, which to me wasn't worth the money.  Another tint had a silver blue look - silver where the sunlight hits it - so it's reflecting the light and heat.. blue on the inside.  I took pictures and texted them to Greg.

Greg called me and wanted to speak with the salesman.  I didn't know they had bronze reflective as a color option.  The salesman went back to his store and brought back more samples in bronze.  I loved it!  The windows have a nice sunset look coming through instead of a bright white glaring light.  And it does cut down on the heat.

I haven't had any headaches :)

More pluses for tinting the windows:

Privacy - when the sun is shining, people outside can't see inside.  So, I can open my blinds and still have privacy :)

Care of your furniture/curtains - ultraviolet light is a culprit of fading colors in furniture and curtains.  The tint cuts back the ultraviolet light.

Glare on your tv or computer screen from the windows?  Not with the tint :)

And.... should your window crack, it won't shatter.  The film holds glass shards together.

Here's a before picture: (Aren't those window boxes just adorable?  My husband made them for me :)

Here's an after picture - another cool benefit - the fleur de lit Saints stands out better!

The rest of the house is in tan brick and this section with tan siding, so the bronze just warms up the look even more :)  I love it!

I know some neighbors who did their own "tinting" by putting foil on the windows.  Believe me, this tinting is a much nicer method.


carma said...

that is seriously a great idea about the tinting. I sweat to death in my workout room since it gets direct sun. unfortunately it is on the front of the house and the neighbors would probably freak since we aren't even technically supposed to use screens in our 'hood.

btw i switched back to blogger if you want to put the old address back in your reader:

Glynis Jolly said...

I love the idea! I had closing the curtains. I prefer to be able to see outside. This has become more of an issue as my mobility gets more limited. Just wait until I hit Hubby with this. ;)