Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where is Nemo?

I went to Walgreens first and asked one of the employees for "Nemos."

Cue confused look and the words, "The fish?"

"No.  I'm trying to find nemos, it's chocolate."

"You want a chocolate fish?  We don't sell chocolate fish."

Needless to say, they didn't have it.  Nor did two gas station stores.  I was hopeful when a Brother's employee pointed me to an aisle... only to find that he meant the gold fish crackers!

Up and down the aisles, telling employees I'm trying to find nemo's a getting some of the craziest expressions in response.... I felt like an idiot.

Yes, it was a hunt to find Nemo, but not the clown fish!  Someone even asked if I wanted the movie store?!

We ended up going to the local grocery store and settling for brownies.

But... if you FIND NEMOS, please let me know - what store, what city, what state.  Because I'll send my husband there!!

No, this is not PMS.

It's not even for me.

It's for my husband!  He sent us on a wild chocolate chase and only the chocolate NEMOS would do... so if you find it, please let me know. ....  do men get PMS?


Beverly Herman said...

Is this what your looking for? I read online that you will find it in the frozen food section at Walgreens.

Aleta said...

Hi Bev :) I went to Wags first to look there, because Greg has bought it there before. That's where I got a lot of strange looks from. Lol. Greg later told me that Walgreens doesn't sell Nemo's anymore. Walgreens made their own brand called "Nice" and according to Greg... it's not very nice tasting at all :) Thanks for helping me find it though :)

Glynis Jolly said...

No, I don't think men get PMS but they do go through the middle-life thing. My husband bought a canoe he's never used.

Aleta said...

Ah, maybe that's why my husband is considering buying a motorcycle. No, that's not it... he's wanted one ever since I've known him (and according to him, ever since he was a kid).