Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pee Time

One of my friends told me about a recent experience.  She was visiting with another friend and they were gossiping.  Friend A had to go to the bathroom.  Friend B said, "Well, leave the bathroom door open, so we can still talk."  Friend A was mortified!

I would have closed the door.

Pee Time = Privacy Time

Honestly.... I don't even like it when someone takes their phone into the bathroom to continue a phone conversation, because.....

- Yes, You can hear the voice echo in the bathroom over the phone, so you know where the person is
- Yes, You can hear the stream (or worse)
- Yes, You can hear the toilet paper whizzing off the roll (pun intended)
- Yes, You can (hopefully at this point) hear the toilet flush
- Yes, You can (praying this happens next) hear the sink water run

So, to certain people who read my blog... *cough* family...  if you need to go badly and we're talking, by all means let me off the phone and call me back... or do the potty dance!


RGB said...

Gossips would stink if it continued way up to the loo, wouldn't it!

You said it, it totally beats me that people can talk on their mobile phones in the loo despite all those inconveniences / problems you pointed out!

Headant said...

Don't they realize they might drop their phones in the toilet? I did that once, but it was in my pocket.

Glynis Jolly said...

ROFL! Aleta, that is priceless. I think like you, by the way.