Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Blog

Above is a video I recently created using a program I'm attempting to learn.  I thought it might be a cute way to introduce my new blog :)

Yes, another blog.  But I have a good reason to subdivide things.  I like to stay organized.  Having things variously posted on my blog can drive me a little batty.  Recipes here and there was fine when I wasn't cooking much and I do plan on cooking more (just have a big project in front of me right now).  So, I like having a separate recipe blog.

Writing about gardening when I first started it was fun to post here too... but I could really clog up my FleurdeAleta blog with gardening and I don't want to do that either.  However, there's a lot to share with gardening :)

I'm also afraid I'll forget the research and tidbits that I've learned about the flowers.  Where to plant them, how to take care of them, water requirements, etc.  So, this new blog is my memory bank for future reference.  And it keeps me happily organized :)

I added a garden button to my garden blog on this blog - look to the right (might need to scroll down) to find it.  Or click here.

On the garden blog there are several buttons at the top.  Of course, the general "Home" button.

There's one for Flora - which lists all the names of the flowers that are posted on the blog, as well as a picture.  If you click on the name, then it will bring you to the post.  I figured this would be a quick and simple way to get to the flower if I'm trying to re-research it :)

I also listed some of the nurseries that I've gone to and bought locally from.  I've heard about some nice on-line nurseries too and if I purchase from them, I'll include an update.  Again, mostly for my reference, but happy to share.

The Critters button is about the bugs and insects.  Can't leave those off of a garden blog!

The Extras is because I love to add little cute decorations ~ a sign, a hummingbird feeder, etc.

Oddities... some are cute... some not so cute...  In fact, one was downright disgusting!

The "House" button has some before and after shots of the house.  I don't have a lot of before shots, because who wants to share (or even acknowledge) weed pictures?  It's embarrassing.

I also figured it was a good place to put the "big picture" shots there, because all of the flora pictures focus on close-ups of the flower that is being discussed.

Ok, that's the run down of the new blog.  I'm adding to it, so feel free to sign up for the "follow by email" option on that blog :)

Fleur de Aleta is still my main blog home :)  I like this blog the most and it has the most history to it.  The other blogs are little sidesteps into more details of life :)

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