Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Not long ago, my husband and I went to the Westbank.  This was when the President was in town and we forgot that many of the New Orleans roads would be closed.  Traffic was a nightmare.  Having two car accidents along the route didn't help speed things up either.  But my loving, wonderful, thoughtful husband was determined that we get to the Westbank Best Buy that afternoon.

I needed something for my computer and this particular store was the only place we could find it.  On the way we went over the GNO (Greater New Orleans) Bridge to cross the Mississippi River.  I took pictures.  I love bridges :)  (Before you get on the bridge, there's a little sign with a pelican on it - too cute)

On the way home, we took a different route, staying on the Westbank Expressway and coming back over the Mississippi River by the Huey P Long.  But the locals call it the "Huey P Narrow."  Construction is underway to make the lanes larger, but for now, it's still narrow.  In the second picture below, the vehicle on the left didn't have room to pass the vehicle on the right.

A train goes through the middle of the bridge.  So, not only do you have to deal with narrow lanes, but sometimes you get a train on the left side, to shake things up.


Cheryl said...

I, also, love bridges. Especially the bridges that cross the Mississippi. I have traveled over most of them but never the Huey P. Long err Narrow Bridge. I don't like narrow lanes so that might keep me away. There used to be a bridge at Alton, Ill. that crossed the Mississippi and was very narrow as well. They have replaced it with a nice wide bridge.

Headant said...

I am from the Westbank. I hate, hate, hate driving over the Huey! I always stay in the left lane so I don't have to see the water. I think a train did pass once and it was soooo scary.

For one of the old hurricanes (Betsy or Camille), they divided the bridge in half with cones. (kind of a contraflow, I guess) My grandmother hit every single cone.

I used to cross the GNO every day for work and school.

Brandi said...

I wish I shared your love of bridges. My husband actually proposed to me on a bridge. It was dark out and all I could see is the water on either side of us.