Monday, June 18, 2012

NYC Part 3 - Broadway Show and Pedicab

My parents used to buy season tickets to the Saenger Theater in New Orleans and at the Mahalia Jackson Theater.  My husband and I have also seen performances in Boston and California.  But this is our first NYC Broadway Show.

And oh my gosh!  What a difference!  The Book of Mormon was held at the Eugene O'Neil Theater.  It's smaller than the Saenger, but it's very decorative and more of an intimate feeling while maintaining a lovely elegance.

The cast was original, no substitutes and let me tell you... it was fantastic!  The quality of the performance was top notch from beginning to end - total entertainment from the second the lights went down until the standing ovation!  Now, keep in mind that it's a musical satire of the Mormon faith.. and it was written by the creators of "South Park" and "Avenue Q" - so if you offend easily, don't go to see this performance.

This was the highest ranked performance of the plays on Broadway.  And here we were..  5 rows from the stage.. at 400 dollars a seat...  I'm so glad we went to see it!

One of the main characters made me think of Jim Carrey.  He was hilarious.  Actually, they all were and they all performed in total character.  After the play, Roda said, "My jaw hurts from laughing so much!"  I can't say enough about seeing this Broadway performance.  Seriously, I was amazed to see how much a difference quality can make in a performance.  Not knocking New Orleans theater, but folks... HUGE difference!  Another item off my Bucket List, Broadway Show in NYC.  It was wonderful :)

Though the theater was small in comparison to the New Orleans theaters, it still packed in a lot of people... and trying to get a cab on Broadway after shows let out?  Near impossible.  But... they did have PediCabs :)  Guys who peddle a two seater.  We saw them throughout NYC.  We decided to try the Pedicabs, warning - they are very expensive.  They charge by the block and per person, but it was a neat experience... if you don't mind them squeezing between huge trucks and going right along side of those ever honking cab drivers.  It was raining when we left, but our pedicab had a plastic cover over the front, so we didn't get wet.  It was a fun experience, if not a slightly dangerous adventure :)

We went back to the hotel to freshen up and then went to McCormick and Schmicks.  I had Tilapia for an entree and everyone shared yummy deserts... creme brûlée, awesome apple pie and cheesecake.

It was mouthwatering good!!  Perfect way to end the day :)  But Wait!  There's more.... the day/night was still young.  NYC "City that Doesn't Sleep"....


Lilly said...

I am jealous, oh how I love NYC. Sounds and looks like you are having a great time. Not sure I would be game to go on the pedicab but great idea. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Have fun.

Glynis Jolly said...

I'm just the opposite of Lilly. That pedicab looks like such fun.

Aleta said...

It was fun and a great way to get around. Greg said, "I felt like this was slave labor though." He felt bad about it. But trust me, it was expensive. Those guys made good money!