Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meet Sasha

One benefit to gardening?  You meet your neighbors.  While watering the gardens in the morning or taking Penny outside to play frisbee, I get to know the neighbors.  It's nice :)  Like the lady who walks two golden retrievers or rather, they walk her :)  There's this guy who rides his bike every day.  He's an older gentleman and it's the type of bike where it looks more like a recliner kind.  It's cute.  He waves every morning to me.  Our next door neighbors love to greet Penny and asked about my garden for ideas of their own in the front yard :)  That made me feel good.

Another neighbor, Toni, walks her dog, Sasha, every day.  Below is a picture of Sasha, German Shepard.  Sweet as can be and loves for me to pet her.  She sits on me feet.  What's up with dogs doing that to me?  After I pet/scratch them, the dogs sit on my feet!  It's very upsetting to Penny, because she feels like the other dogs are owning me.

Toni used to have a chocolate Siamese and talked to our cat, Tigger, when he stuck his face through the window blinds.  Toni also loves to garden and offered her assistance if ever I was in need.

It's a good community.  More blessings :)

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Glynis Jolly said...

This must be the difference between your South and my South (Tennessee). It seems no one is out in the neighborhood here. In fact, I wonder if anyone around here opens their curtains.