Saturday, June 2, 2012

How Many

My husband asked me, "How many plants did you plant?"

Wow...  ummm, I had to go outside and count.

In the main front garden (including the hanging plants), 41.

And.... there are more that I planted...

Two rose bushes on the other side of the front of the house
Three Hibiscus plants along the side of the house
Two Passion Vines in the backyard
Four Herbs in the backyard

So that brings it to a grand total of 52.

FIFTY TWO PLANTS!  Someone serve me a mimosa!  Oh wait, I'm not growing an orange tree.  Shucks!

Here are some more pictures of the various plants around the house.  And a corner shot of the house :)

Oh and the first picture of the plant, that isn't included in the count, because it was there and stayed in that spot.  I don't know what it's called, but the hummingbirds love it!

I love this next flower - it's called a blue black something.  Ok, shame on me for not knowing, but I do remember the "blue black" part of the name, because it's so cool looking!  It doesn't like the heat of the afternoon.  The leaves wilt badly, so I'm careful to water it thoroughly in the morning.  I sure hope it survives, because it's so different looking!

I call the front garden my "secret garden"  There are brick walls around it.  Once the flowers get bigger, it's going to be amazing!

View from the front door is below on the left.  I have a little rock path leading me to the water hose.

View from the front door showing both right and left..

View from the street.  To the far left is the rose garden, then the secret garden and along the right side are the hibiscus.

Can't forget about the crepe myrtle trees that we planted last year.  The white ones are in bloom!

Below is our first pink crepe myrtle bloom for this spring!  Yeah!  The house looks completely different with all the gardens going around it.  It used to look plain Jane, and now - It has oodles of curb appeal.  Finally - Yes!  HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!  

I snuck the above picture in, because I just love the pretty red crystal hummingbird feeder :)

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Lilly said...

Ok that is a lot of plants but it is going to look amazing when they are all established. And yes you do have kerb appeal. I love the bird feeder. It is a beautiful time of year. Enjoy and thanks for all the pics.