Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

I'm interrupting our NYC vacation journal to wish my Dad a very Happy Birthday.  I am so fortunate to have Dad as my Dad :)  He's loving, kind, thoughtful and generous.  He has a poetic nature, but he doesn't often like to show it.... it does appear and not only with the poems he writes for my Mom, but in other ways as well.

Such as when my cousin's son sent out a graduation card.  My uncle Billy passed away when I was a little girl.  My cousin, "Bill" is the 2nd, named after his Dad.  And his son is Billy, the 3rd.

My parents sent a card to Billy III and Dad created the card... on the outside was a picture of III and on the inside, Dad found a picture of uncle Billy, put it in the inside with the words, "Wishing I was there."  It brought tears to my eyes..  See, to me, that's poetic.  It's thoughtful and beautiful and it comes from Dad's generous heart.

Thank you, Dad, for being so wonderful, not just to your immediate family but to all who are lucky enough to be your friends!  I love you!  
(Greg says, "Happy Birthday Poopsy Doo" - something Dad usually says :)

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Lilly said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad Aleta. I have been reading your blog for so long I feel like I know him. He reminds me so much of my father too whom I miss a lot. I hope you have a great celebration together and he gets spoilt rotten.

By the way thanks for your wise words on my post today. Something you mentioned really hit home. I am one of those people who immediately have to rush in and try and fix things (like men do) - I need to stop and listen and shut up - so a big thank you for the reminder.