Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gone Fishing

Greg, Danny, Matthew and Keith made plans to go fishing early on a Sunday morning.  The Saturday before, everyone got together at Cindy and Matthew's home for supper.

You know guys; competition is in the blood.  They divided the four into two groups and gave them names.  Greg and Keith were "Team Epi" because of the time when a bee stung my husband's lip and his face was horribly swollen - Epi is for the Epi pen that Greg has to keep with him.  Danny even made t-shirts for Greg and Keith (on one side it has "Master Baiter" and the other side it has Team Epi Pen.)

Danny and Matthew are "Team Travelocity" because Danny travels so much and per Greg, "Matthew looks like a gnome."  Emails went back and forth between the two groups days before the fishing trip.  This is the t-shirt that Greg bought for Matthew.

Whenever these guys get together, you can be certain of one thing:  Laughter.  Lots of it.

And when there's competitive testosterone, there are trophies and money.  Danny brought a fishing trophy, which I thought was really cool.  (He knows the guy who made it.)  Pretty amazing if you think about what it's made of and step back and see the fisherman.

Greg stood next to the trophy, acting like he already won it.  Danny immediately got up to say, "Ain't happening" and I took this video:

During supper the guys went back and forth on how to determine what fish is permitted in the competition and how to determine who the winner would be, etc.  It was a lively conversation and I have about 10 different videos on the process, but I only merged a couple of them together, leaving out most of the heated discussions.  Here's a few clips during the dinner.

Oh and the one about Cindy's fish story - the ending is that she wanted Matthew to get her fish in the net. Matthew said.....  "Half the fish was out of the water and half was in the water.  I didn't know how deep the water was.  I told Cindy, 'What if I fall in?'  And she told me, 'We had life insurance!'"  Everyone busted out laughing.

I thought Danny's hat was cool.  Matthew and his wife tried it on :)

The next morning, the guys set off for an early start.  My husband texted me pictures and videos during their trip.

The captain said that this was one of the best fishing trips yet that he's been on.  (But the captain said it wasn't THE best trip, because the best trip for him was when a bunch of women went on a fishing trip and they fished topless!)


Headant said...

I haven't been fishing in so long! My last trip was in high school when I shot an alligator with a bb gun.

Kimberly said...

I've never been fishing myself, but it looks like it was a great time for them!