Sunday, June 10, 2012


I wonder how much time is sucked away from people's lives with Facebook?  I like to check it in the morning and late afternoon.  It's like saying "Good Morning, Good Night" to friends and family.  Nice way to start and end the day.

While driving to the grocery store, I listened to a talk show.  The question being asked of the callers was, "Have you ever closed your Facebook account and if so, for how long?"

A lot of people called in.... and do you know the longest someone closed their account was for 3 weeks?  The temptation was too great and the caller had to get back online with Facebook.  The main reason was because her family looks for her kids' pictures.  Facebook being easier to share photos and updates with a group of people rather than sending out emails.

And the most common reason why people closed their Facebook account, temporarily or otherwise?.... because of online bullies with snarky comments or drama!  Yes, I'm talking about adults.  Funny how technological advances in our lives can bring out the best and worst.

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Glynis Jolly said...

Sounds like high school to me. Do we ever really grow out of that faze?