Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Herb

I've always wanted an herb garden.  Even before I started learning how to cook.  I can't explain that lack of logic.

So, I found a cute little plant stand from Big Lots on sale.  Then I went to Home Depot and fussed about their limited options.

I know one is Parsley, another is Sweet Basil and a third is mild jalapeño peppers... but the fourth didn't come with a tag and I haven't a clue!

Have you noticed that I like things in my garden.... like the little gnome dancing with the turtle. :)


Glynis Jolly said...

It's funny you should write about herbs today because I decided I want to do a herb garden for aroma therapy. I love the smell of my shampoo which is rosemary and mint. Two easy herbs to grow.

Aleta said...

I didn't even think about adding herbs in shampoo! What a neat idea :)

I used to rosemary but it grew into an untamable tree.. then Katrina arrived and it didn't survive.

I like the smell of mint too :) I might have to add that to my herb garden.

Katsidhe said...

I don't do much cooking, but did a teeny herb garden even in my apartment with little pots. They smell so good!

Headant said...

It might be oregano or thyme. I can't tell from here.

Put the jalapeno in a bigger pot. They need lot's of room or they don't do doodly squat.