Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Silly Times

When we visit with my grandmother, sometimes we go to lunch at TJ Ribs.  I get chicken.  Go figure..  I have to be the weird one at the table of ribs.  Ah well.  The chicken is REALLY good though!

First, you have to know, this is purple and gold territory.  LSU - Geaux Tigers!  (College football for those that don't know).  The restaurant is very proud of the team.  They have this large tiger (not real) and I can't guess how many people have sat on it for pictures.

My husband couldn't resist....

Another fun/silly thing about the restaurant is when the waiter comes to the table, he/she will write his/her name on the paper ..... upside down.... from left to right (backwards and upside down).  So, of course, Mom and I had to try to do it too.  Mom sat across from me and she wrote her name left to right, but she didn't write it upside down.

I wrote mine left to right and upside down.  Greg sat next to me and watched as I did this.  After I finished writing my name that way, my husband said, "Actually, that was pretty good."


Penny said...

Lol, you sound like me! We go out to a nice steak restaurant, and I order chicken!

Lilly said...

I always order chicken too Aleta so clearly we are all odd! Wow your written name looks very good, you must have a steady hand. Funny photo of Greg, you always have fun your guys.