Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rose Lesson

I once tried to grow roses.  Without much luck.  My grandmother, on the other hand, grows some of the beautiful rose blooms I have ever seen!

After researching, I wrote down a list of roses and started a hunt to the nurseries.

Knock Out Roses.  I thought MawMaw was kidding me when she told me that was the name of one of her roses.  Sure enough, that's what they are called.  Knock Out roses are great to grow in Louisiana - very hardy and they can survive our horribly humid summers.

The employee at the nursery was very informative.  She confirmed the information about the Knock Out roses but also added, "They have no smell."  What?!  A rose with no smell?  What about "stop and smell the roses?"    Even still, I decided to buy one when the employee explained, "They are good roses for someone just starting into roses."  Sold.

So far, so good.  It's only day 2 and still alive.  Knock Out roses don't make big blooms.  But hardy, I'm happy with!

I also wanted a rose with a fragrance and the employee recommended the Hybrid rose.  Hybrid with what, I don't know.  It makes a blood red rose.  One is about the bloom.  But gosh... look at those yellow leaves!  I think I'm gonna lose this one :(  Anyone with rose authority, help?


Headant said...

Roses are supposed to be slightly elevated in the bed for good drainage. Or at least I was told that once.
I'm thinking of trying a container rose; but I LOVE English roses. So pretty!

Aleta said...

I read that as well, regarding the elevation. That's why the bed is high in the back and low in the front and I only have roses growing in that particular bed. The Knock Out roses are doing great. The Hybrid keeps getting more and more yellow leaves :( I might have to uproot the Hybrid and put another Knock Out rose in there.... and I have enough room to put in a sweetheart rose, which I like as well :)

Headant said...

I keep passing the houses with the brick walls. Wouldn't they look great covered with roses?