Friday, May 25, 2012

My Dad is So Sweet

I'm backtracking from blooms back to Mother's Day.  My husband and I sent flowers to our mother's.  Dad, though, brought tears to Mom's eyes with his gift.

It's an incredibly soft throw with family pictures on it.  I don't know if Dad can top this gift.  Awesome.  He picked pictures from when we were little kids through our Disney trip.

It's not just amazing for the quality of the pictures, but some of those pictures are really old ones that Dad scanned in.. yet it looks great on the throw!  Mom said, "Best Mother's Day gift yet!"  Way to go, Dad!

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Lilly said...

Oh Aleta, wow that gift is amazing. I love it. You have the best family. And you are right how sweet is your Dad, that gift took some planning. I have never seen these before. I want one now, lol.