Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flowers R Us

Do you have a favorite plant nursery?  I found two close to home:  Charvet's Garden Center and Jefferson  Garden and Feed.  I purchased flowers from both and haven't gone wrong.  They aren't as cheap as Home Depot or Lowe's, but I think they are healthier.

But the best flowers to get?  Those from friends and family.  My friends, Kim and Sue, shared their treasured plants (the ones they were planning on thinning out) and helped me fill out my garden.  The only problem is... I don't know what's in my garden.  Kim can tell me in a heartbeat what is what, but all I see is green leaves :)  In fact, when something blooms, it's a total surprise for me!  I feel like a kid at Christmas time and the present unwraps itself  :)

Just recently a very light purple flower bloomed on what was formerly all green.  I had to drag my husband out to see the tiny bloom.  "Look, Look, Sweetheart!"  I'm sure he thought I was silly, but he humored me :)

This plant is from Kim.  It was all green and every day I waited for one of the bud's to bloom :)  You can't tell from the picture, but the bloom is a light lavender color.


Headant said...

Have you ever been to Bantings on River Road? They have a really good selection.
I bought herbs at Whole Foods recently. I hope they survive!

Aleta said...

I've never been to Bantings on River Road. Thanks for the information. I'll have to check them out :)

I didn't even think about herbs at Whole Foods for planting purposes! My herbs are struggling. But honestly, they didn't look the healthiest when I bought them from Home Depot. I'm less and less inclined to buy plants from Home Depot. It might cost less, but the quality is equivalent with the price.

Headant said...

The herbs I bought are only $2.50--not a bad price at all.
Unless I kill them all. Which is likely.