Friday, May 4, 2012


My husband makes me smile and makes me feel very appreciated :)  He sent the below email to my parents :)  Mind you, I'm the one in the family to "not know how to boil water."


I think Aleta is finding yet another successful creative outlet.

First beading… then she took over the “Alpha-Male” position with Penny and Tigger… and NOW…. now she is getting PRETTY damn good in the kitchen.

Yesterday evening for dinner we had seasoned pork medallions with an INCREDIBLE side item… it was hollowed out Zucchini and inside of the zucchini she put in a mixture of… sautéed zucchini (the part she shelled out, onions, galic, fresh tomatoes and italian seasoned bread crumbs,,, then after that was put inside the Zucchini “Canoes” she melted a light layer of shredded mozzarella/provalone cheese.

She made a MEAN stuffed bell pepper last week too!

Incredible.. Chef Aleta is on a roll.

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The Forscheins said...

how sweet! Good for you Aleta. I hardly know how to hard-boil an egg!! haha. I always keep 'm in there for more than the recommended 10 minutes for fear of "under" boiling them (if that makes any sense to you...). Anyway, awesome that you (and your hubby!) are enjoying cooking AND getting so good at it too.