Monday, April 23, 2012

Yummy but not the memories

Watermelon on a warm summer day. Cool watermelon, just out of the refrigerator - is a delight. My Dad taught me that you have to tap the watermelon and if it sounds hollow, then it's ripe. Good to know.

Now, let me tell you a quick story about friendship and watermelon. I could tell you about childhood memories and having fun eating watermelon in the backyard with my cousins or the watermelon fights... or how my Dad brings slices of watermelon to Mom to eat for supper.

But no.. this friendship has to do with a little more stink. This happened back in 1995. I picked up my friend, Kim, and we went shopping in my car. She mentioned the smell. I told her that it started a couple of days ago and I couldn't figure out what was causing the smell. It was sticky sweet and putrid. Rotten sweet.

Then Kim heard something rolling around in the trunk and asked about it. I covered my face with my hands and cried out, "OH NOOO!!" Yeah, you probably guessed it. A watermelon that I forgot about in the truck. In the heat of the summer. And it was rolling all this time.

We opened the trunk and both gagged from the smell. You want to know about friendship? When your friend helps you to get all of the broken goop that used to be a watermelon out of the trunk of your car and helps to clean it up.

It was horrible. Just horrible.

But I remember it with fondness, because memories like that should be treasured. Yes, we're still friends to this day :)

And... yes, I still eat watermelon... and smile to think of the friendship.

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Lilly said...

Now that is an interesting tip from your Dad. I hope he is doing well. I have wonderful memories of watermelon too as my Dad used to grow them in our back yard. My little sister who was 4 at the time disappeared for hours one day. My mother called the police and all the neighbours were out looking for her. They eventually found her down in the backyard (we had a big block of land) in the middle of the watermelons eating them. I never get sick of eating them myself - love them. And as for the one in your car, oh dear I can only just imagine the smell. She truly is a good friend.