Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wild Animals

I'm going to ramble for a second about beading, but the neat stuff is at the end :)

I'm working on a variety of sea creatures, 3D, beaded animals.

One of the beading books I have is titled "Wild Animals." I bought it years and years and years ago. I never tried making the 3D animals, because the peyote stitch made me pull my hair out. I finally did learn the stitch, the simple odd and even count. I can even handle the tubular peyote and round peyote... but add increasing and decreasing peyote while doing odd/even/tubular -- it makes me want to scream.

After creating a few sea animals, I became determined to make the sea turtle in the Wild Animals book. It's coming along very nicely. In the below picture you can see the shell. You can't tell it, but the shell is nice and puffy, 3D.

Ok moving on. I still have the head, legs and tail to finish on the turtle. Wish me luck!

I showed my "turtle shell" to my friends who also bead and they thought it was really cute. Then we looked at the book where I got the design from and saw another book being advertised. There was a picture of a mermaid - how cool would that be to bead a 3d Mermaid!

As a group effort, we looked on the Internet in search of this book that was advertised. We found the company who sold the Wild Animals book, but no where on their listing was the mermaid book.

I told my friends that I'd do a search on ebay, maybe the mermaid book is out of print and I could find someone selling one of their books.

I didn't find it on ebay. But when I did a search for the Wild Animals book, I found the Wild Animals book on Etsy. The lady selling the Wild Animals book had a variety of other books she was selling, but no Mermaid book. I figured, "It can't hurt to ask her if she has the book or knows where I can purchase it."

I wrote the Etsy seller an email and she replied very kindly :) She had the book and was happy to send it to me! Woot! AND... get this... she wrote "I'm so glad I had it. My husband and I have been the photographers for Design Originals books for the past 18 years. It really makes me feel good to know that the books are appreciated and treasured."

Cool, the photographer is sending me her book. I'm thrilled! Small world and one to treasure when there are snippets of shared joy when we least expect it. It links us together :)


Head Ant said...

I challenge you to do a jellyfish.

Aleta said...

I actually thought about making a jellyfish. I'm finishing the last leg (literally) on the turtle. I have a mermaid in mind, but it will take a while if I do that...

Aleta said...
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Aleta said...
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