Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ugly but Yummy

My husband and I got my parents hooked on blue berry pancakes. This happened while we were on the San Francisco vacation. We bought the blue berry pancakes from IHop for breakfast during our stay there.

Dad found frozen blue berries at the Sam's store and made his own version of the pancakes. As Mom says, "They are ugly but they're yummy!"

Below is a picture. We went to my parents for breakfast and they served the blue berry pancakes, fresh squeezed orange juice, milk and to the left you can see a plate filled with fruit - slices and layers of apple, pear, plum, banana and strawberry :)

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Lilly LillysLife said...

Oh yum, blueberry pancakes. Thye don't look ugly to me. Maple syrup too. I was only thinking about doing this a couple of days ago. I have bought the frozen berries to put in muffins only before. Tell your father I would like the recipe. I hope he is doing well Aleta. Must be nice to be able to pop round to your parents for a lovely breakfast like that.