Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TV Ears

No, nothing happens to your ears if you watch too much TV.

This is something my aunt Didi introduced to us:

This is actually a nifty idea. My husband likes to go to sleep with the television on. But I like the quiet. My parents are opposites too, one likes the tv on, the other doesn't.

TV Ears allows the person who wants to hear something in order to sleep, actually hear the TV while the TV is on OR off. But the other person doesn't have to hear the sound. How nice is that! Didi turned it on and I tried the TV ears... it might also be a great option for someone like me who has bad hearing. Instead of blasting the TV on high, I can wear my TV ears and watch something without my husband saying, "Turn it down."

Meet my aunt Didi (Mom's sister)
Didi is an artists. She paints in various mediums, draws, makes clay models, does stained glass and is a photographer. I'm sure I'm missing a number of other artistic qualities. She did the beautiful painting of the egret. It's a joy to walk around their house!

In the picture below, Bruce, Didi's husband (right) is showing my husband (left) a wood carved duck that Didi made... oh, I missed that, she makes carvings too!

Here a picture of a painting Didi did of her parents, my grandparents.

Below is a painting that my great aunt did of my aunt Didi when she was young teen:

And I can't leave out magic. We all need a little bit of that in our lives, right? Didi and Bruce have it in the fury form:


Glynis said...

How much does a gadget like that cost? And where do you find it?

Aleta said...

I asked my aunt and she said that it can be purchased at Radio Shack and roughly 100 dollars.