Thursday, April 26, 2012

Square Frisbee

We have a soft, flexible, square frisbee that flies well and is perfect for our dog, Penny. If we don't "run" Penny, then she digs holes to China throughout the yard and garden. Frisbee and Laser are her two favorite games.

I love the look on concentration on the picture below.

Penny looks like she's doing a dance move in the next picture

Some more action shots

I especially like this next shot. My husband threw the frisbee but it went into the street. I picked up the frisbee and threw it back to Penny. As the frisbee was in the air, I picked up my camera and took the shot just as Penny caught it!

In this next shot, my husband threw the frisbee and Penny was coming right at me. I closed my eyes and took the shot. I think it came out great!

And when she catches the frisbee, this is how we walk the dog...

You've heard of the Leap Test, right??

Penny has the frisbee and her hiney is up in the air, too cute.

Bringing her toy inside

And of course... we can't leave our cat, Tigger, out... :)

To see more Frisbee action, click here to go to my Picasa site.

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