Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Singing Irish

Another item off of my bucket list - Woot! I have always wanted to go to a performance by the Celtic Woman. I love the music and have down loaded quite a few songs on my nano-ipod.

The ladies who sang did an outstanding job. One particular singer was exceptional, come to find out that this is her first time singing on tour with the group. Kudos to her for a job well done! It was enjoyable, not just hearing the songs, but also how the singers would take a moment to talk with the audience. I liked hearing their Irish accents :)

The violinist was cool. At times she had the grace of a swan, the way she would elegantly turn the bow above the violin... and then she was energetic, dancing, twirling, flipping her hair... she was twirling 360 degrees around, hair flying, playing fast on the violin... I was waiting for her hair to get caught up in the bow! Great performance.

At times an Irish tap dancer came on the stage to join the violinist. It's that stiff kind of tap dancing. I saw one of those performances before and loved it. So, it was great to see it at this performance too!

When the singers said, "It wouldn't be a show without us singing... Danny Boy.." You could hear the "ohhhhhssss and ahhhhs" in the audience. It brought tears to my eyes. The Ava Maria song was beautiful too.

The song "You'll never walk alone"... when the lyrics about the storm we sung.. made me teary eyed from memories..

When you walk,
through a storm
hold your head up high,
and don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm,
there's a golden sky,
and sweet silver songs of the lark.

Walk on through the wind,
walk on through the rain,
through your dreams be tossed and blown,

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart,
and you'll never walk alone...
You'll never walk alone.

I don't think I was the only one in the audience who thought of Katrina and those words. Yes, I was teary eyed...

But the favorite of the songs... started with the bag pipes. A guy playing the bag pipes started at the back of the audience and walked up to the stage... playing, "Amazing Grace"... then the violinist joined him and the rest of the band and then the ladies. Outstanding performance.

One fun moment was when one of the main singers asked for audience participation. We sang the chorus:

"Green grow the rushes O
Green grow the rushes O
The sweetest hours that e'er I spent
Are spent among the lassies O"

I smiled when the singer responded to our voices singing with, "Don't be shy! You sound really good from here."

Below is a u-tube video of the Amazing Grace being sung. I didn't take any videos during the performance as it wasn't permitted.


Penny said...

How cool!! Glad you enjoyed it

Lilly LillysLife said...

Oh I love the haunting sound of bagpipes. It brings back memories having lived in Scotland. I would have enjoyed this concert too. Irish dancing is something else (Michael Flatley do you remember). And I would have cried listening to you will never walk alone. I think of my Dad. Glad you are crossing things off your Bucket List. Thanks for the reminder to actually make lists. I need to do that and will. Say hello to Mr Greg. By the way post Katrina how are things? We don't hear much but I am sure things are still hard for many.