Monday, April 16, 2012

Roses and Ribs :)

Roses and Ribs, an interesting combination, but it's true for this past weekend.

My husband and I went with my parents to visit my grandmother.

Meet Olive, or MawMaw, as her grandchildren call her:

Don't mind the frown, she doesn't like her pictures taken. I think it's where Dad gets his "frown with the camera" idea from. MawMaw enjoys laughing and she LOVES her roses!

MawMaw has a huge amount of land. She used to raise chickens, roosters, cows, turkeys and so forth. She's planted rows and rows of vegetables. She'll be celebrating 85 this year and still tends her garden, but she doesn't have the live stock any more.

Here are just a FEW pictures of MawMaw's roses. Believe me, there are tons more pictures. She grows roses all the way around her house and in various parts of her yard.

Mawmaw calls this her Peppermint Rose:

And this is her "Knock My Socks Off" Rose. I thought it was just a bug on the rose. It was cool looking, with a light green color even on its legs. If I had stopped a moment to count the eight legs, I might not have taken the close up shot after realizing it's a spider!

I love this next rose - Lavender. I asked Mom to sit next to the rose, because lavender is Mom's color.

I was really surprised with this next rose. It doesn't show the size or color in the picture, but the rose is HUGE. It's double in petals than most roses and it's.... beige. It's not pink or white. It's beige, the softest amount of color.

The below rose picture is a mistake. MawMaw ordered a rose bush online and the rose was supposed to be "midnight".... but when the roses bloomed, they bloomed in a variety of colors. She said she didn't get what she ordered but she loves them :)

Did I mention that MawMaw has a variety of colored roses?

I love the red roses and the fuchsia roses :)

My husband asked me to stand by these roses and took a picture :)

This is a side view very small section of my grandmother's home. You can see that she doesn't just plants roses...

I told MawMaw, "You have a slew of black and red grasshoppers out there!" She replied, "Yes, I know. I've been killing them with spray and stepping on them whenever I can."

That was just an incredibly small snippet of my grandmother's flowers. She grows potatoes and carrots between her roses. My grandmother was also very pleased to show me the grapes she has growing and a bunch of fruit trees too!

After I took oodles of pictures around her property, we went out to eat at TJ Ribs. My parents claim it to the be best place to order ribs, where the meat falls off the bones. I'm not one to eat ribs, so I ordered chicken, which was fantastic. I did try the ribs and honestly, they were very good. Here are a couple of pictures..

Here's my chicken plate - grilled chicken with a layer of mushrooms, sautéed onions, small slice of ham and yummy pepper jack cheese... served on spinach :)

My husband shared some of his ribs with me (no jokes about Adam and Eve!)

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