Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Mom said she did not name me after the Prince Valiant comic. My brother likes to tease me by saying it's true. Mom states that when she was pregnant with me, she met another lady who had a daughter in a baby carriage and the baby's name was "Alita." Mom changed the spelling to Aleta.

I've read that the origin of my name is Greek, which is cool because I love Greek mythology and the like. It's also been said that the name has a Spanish diminutive "ala" meaning "wing" and "graceful"..... I can't claim to either :)

On Facebook, there's a group formed for ladies with the namesake. It's called: "The Awesome Scions of Lady Aleta." Yes, I'm a member. We found a book on Amazon about "Aleta's in history" and some other fun stuff. It's so nice to be a part of the group and share something so special as our name :)

I can remember when I was a little girl going to stores on vacation and seeing trinkets with kids names on them. I always had to look, but could never find anything with my name printed on it. It became a game. I told myself that if I ever found something with my name, I didn't care how corny it was, I was going to get it. Truth be told, I still look... even as an adult :)

When I was a little girl and my parents saw me looking for my name on those trinkets, they decided to have a pretty wooden box engraved with my name. They gave it to me for my birthday, preteen years. I loved it and I still have it to this day :)

It's fun to have a different name. Thanks, Mom!


Head Ant said...

I never could find anything with my name either. :(

My dad had an aunt named Oleta and I have a friend named Alida.

Lilly said...

I really love your name and have never heard of any other Aletas. I actually suggested it as a name ot my niece as she was looking for something different for her soon to be born daughter. She really liked it too.

I agree it is great to have a different name and it absolutely suits you Aleta. How amazing about the Facebook site. That is great. And how sweet that your parents got you the pretty wooden box. I love your family!

Ugich Konitari said...

I have a name (Suranga) which is unusual in that I havent yet met anyone with that name. My father picked my name based on a fragrant flower native to the region that our ancestors/family hail from.

The only other time I have encountered the name is when I found that the Sri Lankan Cricket team had recently included a fellow with the same name.

I didnt know my name was Unisex. ...:-)