Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kites and Lafreinere

I missed yesterday's post for "K". So I'll write a touch about it today.

I went to the park this morning and thought of kites. In a few weeks kids will be on their summer break and soon we'll see kites flying at the park. The sight always brings a smile and happy memories. When we were younger, my parents would bring me and my brother to the beach.

My brother taught me the kite war game. We helped each other get our kites high up in the air and then swoops and swerves to attack the other person's kite in the hopes to bring it down. The winner had to go get the fallen kite and help fly it again; the games start over. Good memories. Lots of laughter.

This morning, there weren't many dogs at the park, but it was enough to give Penny a couple of good runs and some play time. I'm so happy Lafreinere (L word Woot!) Park finally has a dog park. It's a good community.

It's not just a great way to walk a dog (without a leash and it's gated so you don't have to worry about the dog running and getting hit by a car).. but it's also a good way to socialize a dog. You know when it's the first time a dog has come to the park.. or when a small dog seriously needs some social skills (because the humans aren't the alphas).

The park is also a great ice breaker, "What type of dog is that?" It's fun for everyone involved. In the video below, you can see the park ranger in the distance coming up to me. He was checking to make sure all dogs have up to date shots and the tags to prove it (which of course, Penny does). I like how the park keeps safety in mind.

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